Egyptian political forces start negotiations to form unified electoral alliance

Ahram Online , Monday 5 Sep 2011

Ahead of parliamentary elections set for before the end of the year, various political currents are entering into negotiation in hope of forming a united electoral front

Members in the Egyptian Bloc alliance, The Third Way List alliance and The Democratic Alliance for Egypt, and other politicial parties and public personalities, have begun negotiations on a possible electoral alliance for parliamentary elections likely to be held before the end of the year.

This move comes after the new election districts law was leaked and amid the insistence of the interim government on keeping the parliamentary elections law it proposed, despite it gaining little public support. The three political alliances along with parties and public personalities will meet Tuesday to proceed with negotiations.

Negotiations between Egyptian Bloc and The Third Way List started yesterday in a meeting where they criticised the new election districts law. Those attending the meeting agreed that the new law gives opportunity to former NDP members and regime remanents to return to political life given the current polarisation and divisions in political life in Egypt. 

It is expected that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces will officially announce the election districts law in the next couple of days. 

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