6 April Youth Movement calls for revolution electoral list

Ahram Online , Tuesday 6 Sep 2011

The 6 April Youth Movement calls for unified electoral list to oppose remnants of National Democratic Party

The 6 April Youth Movement - Ahmed Maher Front called on political powers in Egypt to agree on a unified electoral list for candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The political movement also announced in a statement to the MENA press agency that it will not support any youth candidate except when electoral alliances agree on one “unified electoral list” to serve as “the revolution electoral list” to face the remnants of Mubarak's National Democratic Party.

The 6 April Youth Movement - Ahmed Maher Front’s spokesperson, Mahmoud Afifi, said the movement will start an awareness campaign in the governorates about the elections as well as a campaign to expose corrupt former NDP candidates.

Afifi added that due to a spilt in the Egyptian political scene, the movement’s role in the elections will be restricted to awareness and monitoring.

The movement renewed its official opposition to the People’s Assembly and Shura Council laws along with the draft electoral committee law.

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