Union of Coptic Organisations demand Michel Nabil's release

Ahram Online, Tuesday 6 Sep 2011

Union demands SCAF to release the political activist, who has been on hunger strike since August

The Union of Coptic Organisations in Europe called on Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) to release detained political activist Michel Nabil.  

Nabil has been arrested for writing a blog titled The People and the Army Were Never One Hand and convicted of insulting the military and disturbing public security.

He has been on a hunger strike since last month in protest against his conviction, after standing military trial.

The union says SCAF has to release and pardon Nabil like it did with April 6 Youth Movement member Asmaa Mahfouz and blogger Loai Nagati.

Mahfouz and Nagati were both acquitted last month after SCAF dropped their charges of insulting the army and inciting violence. 

The union believes Nabil’s accusation is less serious, and that he must be freed in the immediate future.

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