Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya will boycott Friday’s protests

Ahram Online, Tuesday 6 Sep 2011

Islamist group joins Muslim Brotherhood in boycott of Tahrir protest

Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya announced that it would take no part in Friday’s mass protest in Tahrir Square, out of fear the demonstrations could turn into rowdy spectacle.
Al-Jamaa also said there were no common demands shared by all participants, which is the same reason that the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Freedom and Justice Party gave for its boycott of the protest.

However, Al-Jamaa called on the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) to fulfil some of the demands protesters will be calling for on Friday, including preventing former National Democratic Party (NDP) members from winning parliamentary seats, setting a minimum wage and ending military trials of civilians.

Under the slogan “Correcting the Path,” the Revolutionary Youth Coalition (RYC) called for a mass rally in Tahrir Square this Friday, with many political forces seeming to respond.

Participants in the upcoming demonstrations are expected to demand the immediate stoppage of military trials for civilians, which are rampant these days in Egypt.

Moreover, they will push to set a definitive timetable for handing power over to a civilian administration and to scrap election laws the coalition believes would allow former Mubarak supporters to control future parliaments.

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