Mubarak's trial: fourth session starts

Zeinab El Gundy, Wednesday 7 Sep 2011

Victims' lawyers object to Kuwaiti defence lawyers as trial resumes amid heightened security

Mubarak arriving to the court
Mubarak arriving to the court "Egyptian TV"

The Mubarak's trial started a short while ago at the Police Academy in Cairo.  Five Kuwaiti lawyers have been granted permission by Ministery of Justice Abdel-Aziz El-Guindy to attend the trial and defend the former president.

Some lawyers representing the families of victims reportedly objected to the Kuwaiti lawyers. Others insulted Mubarak when he and his sons entered the defendant's cage and called on the police securing the cage to allow those attending the trial to see the accused.

Later, as Judge Ahmed Refaat listened to the demands of the lawyers representing the victims, verbal clashes erupted between lawyers. Some decided to leave the session in protest at what they described as "political speech-making by the [victim's] lawyers" Sameh Ashur, a prominent lawyer representing the victims, was among those who left the trial.

With the session re-starting, they have appointed one attorney to speak on behalf of the group of lawyer's representing the victims' families.

Unlike the last session that witnessed a lot of violence between the pro-Mubarak and the anti-Mubarak supporters outside the court room, today, Mubarak supporters did not attend today's Wednesday session. Also, there is an increased security presence outside the court room and police academy.

Ultras Ahly sport fans joined the martyrs’ families outside the police academy. Ultras Ahly have vowed to protect the families of martyrs from Mubarak supporters so there aren't clashes like in the last session. 

The court is expected to question three more witnesses called by the prosecution to prove that the police forces were given orders to kill protesters in the first days of the January 25 Revolution.

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