Mubarak's trial : Witness arrested, accused of perjury

Zeinab El Gundy, Wednesday 7 Sep 2011

A captain in the central security forces has been ordered arrested for the second time for perjury in the trial against Egypt's ousted president Mubarak

Mubarak's trial (Photo by Mai Shaheen)

The judge in the trial against Egypt’s ousted president Mubarak has ordered the arrest of central security Captain Mohamed Abdel Hakim Amar for perjury.

The police captain is the fifth witness in the trial. Amar denied that central security forces were armed with live ammunition during the early days of the revolution when police turned violent against the peaceful demonstrators. Amar added that he could not identify those who shot the protesters.

According to journalists inside the court room, the officer claimed that he found out about the shooting of the protesters with live ammunition, but only from TV. The prosecution accused Amer of perjury after changing his statement in court.

This is the second time the court orders Amer jailed for perjury; the first sentence was suspended.

Attorney’s motions
Attorneys listed their demands even before the first session of Mubarak’s trial attorneys, which includes separating the trials for the charges of corruption from that of charges of shooting protesters, i.e. holding two separate trials for each.

Other demands included the testimonies of Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, Lt. General Sami Anan, former vice president Omar Soliman and former first lady Suzanne Mubarak.

Another civil rights lawyer demanded the testimony of the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about the information she received regarding the shooting of the protesters. Another lawyer demanded the testimony of Lt. General Mohsen El Fangry for the information he knows about the murder of the protesters.

Sameh Ashour is delegated to speak on behalf of the civil claims lawyers.

Small numbers of Mubarak supporters showed up, but up to the moment, they have avoided clashing with the families of martyrs and their supporters.

Police General Mohsen Mourad, the head of Cairo security directorate tried to calm the martyrs’ families who are keeping track of what’s going on from outside.  

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