Court summons head of Egypt's ruling military, Tantawi, to testify in Mubarak's case

Wednesday 7 Sep 2011

In the ongoing trial of Egypt's ousted dictator, Mubarak, the court decides to admit testimony his ex-minister of defence and current head of Egypt's ruling military

Hussein Tantawi
Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi (Photo: AP)

The court trying ousted president Mubark decides to admit questioning of a key figure: Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, Egypt's de facto ruler, and the minister of defence under Mubarak in a secret session this Sunday 11 of September.

The court will also summon Chief Commander Sami Anan, Mahmoud Wagdi and Egypt's ex-minister of interior.

The lawyers representing the families of the victims demanded that the court question the three witnesses upon their statements to the press that the army had received orders to shoot and kill protesters in Tahrir Square during the first days of the revolution but refused to obey the orders.

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