Mubarak's Kuwaiti defence lawyers call it quits

DPA , Thursday 8 Sep 2011

Kuwaiti lawyers who stirred a controversy by volunteering to defend Egypt's former dictator say case is too Egypt-sensitive and quit

Kuwaiti lawyers
Mubarak's Kuwaiti defence team in Cairo (Photo: Reuters)

A Kuwaiti lawyers delegation that arrived in Egypt just a few days ago to defend former president Mubarak in his trial on corruption and murder charges has departed Cairo today.

The Kuwaiti team, which was made up of 5 lawyers, managed to attend Mubarak’s trial’s session last Monday but did not actively participate in deliberations.

The head of the Kuwaiti delegation Faisal Eteiby explained that the delegation felt  reluctant as non-Egyptians to sit in on secret sessions discussing  issues relating to Egypt's national security.

Special secret sessions in Mubarak's trial are set to begin Sunday. The court will listen to testimonies from top members of the ruling military council, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawy  and General Sami Anan.

Both Tantawi and Anan are expected to help the court determine if Mubarak gave direct orders to shoot unarmed protesters.

Former Spy chief Omar Soliman will also testify behind closed doors.

The Kuwaiti delegation was allowed to attend the trial only with a special permission from the minister of justice Abdel Aziz El-Gendy.

The defence team from the Arab Gulf country created a huge dismay among many in the Egyptian public, and has also been criticized by some in the  Kuwaiti media as well for defending the former president and interfering in Egyptian internal issues.

Two days ago another group of Kuwaiti lawyers announced that they plan to fly to Cairo to represent the families of the revolution’s martyrs.  

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