Security forces are absent as Suez gears up for today's protests

Ahram Online, Friday 9 Sep 2011

The ruling military council warns of destructive elements within society and pledges to never abandon the people after pulling out all security forces in the country's main squares ahead of Friday's planned protest

Security forces are absent from the Arbaeen Square in the governorate of Suez as protesters begin the “correct the path” Friday.

In the governorate’s Arbaeen Square, security forces have also set up barbed wires around all the police stations to protect them from attacks from protesters.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian 3rd Army in Suez has begun distributing flyers, titled Communiqué 10, urging the people to fend off any attempts by ‘elements’ to cause tension between the army and the people. The communiqué told the Egyptians to stand united during the protests planned for today.

“Your Armed Forces will never abandon you at any time and has decided from the beginning to stand beside you and has kept its promise by protecting your belongings and your lives,” the communiqué said. “That’s why we all need to take a positive role: a role that should be taken by all loyal Egyptians in the difficult circumstances that our precious Egypt is going through. We recognise your right to peacefully protests and to have freedom of expression without harming the public property of the country.”

The communiqué added that the destruction currently being conducted by some “elements” of society is a “crime against the nation” and stressed that such properties are owned by the people.

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