Sixth Egyptian soldier shot by Israel dies in hospital as a result of his injuries

Ahram Online, Saturday 10 Sep 2011

The driver of the soldiers who were killed in last month's raid by Israeli forces on the border with Egypt died today in the hospital amidst protests already raging at the Cairo Israel embassy

An Egyptian soldier passed away today, 10 September, in a military hospital after being shot at the Israel-Egypt border three weeks ago. This raises the number of Egyptian soldiers who were killed in the Israeli cross border raid raid on Thursday, 18 August to six. 

The soldier, Emad Abdel Malak, was shot while driving the car carrying the other soldiers killed by the Israeli forces. Israel claimed its forces were  chasing militants that had attacked and killed Israelis on a bus in the area.

The Egyptian public was outraged and thousands of protesters demonstrated for days before the Israeli embassy, with one of their number succeeding in climbing up the front of the high-rise apartment building housing the Israeli embassy, and bringing down the Israeli flag. Protesters demanded that the Israeli Ambassador be sent out of Egypt and a joint investigation into the border incident launched.

Demonstrations against the Israeli embassy resumed Friday, as thousands collected around the building housing the embassy, dismantled a high concrete wall that had been erected around it a week before, the protest climaxing around midnight in a break in into one of the embassy's apartments, with the protesters seizing thousands of documents and hurling them out of the windows.

Fierce clashes between protesters and anti-riot squads ensured in which over a thousand protesters were injured and three killed.


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