Islamist group slams storming of Israeli embassy in Cairo

Ahram Online, Sunday 11 Sep 2011

The Islamist Salafist laid blame on US-backed instigators for inciting the storming of the Israeli embassy in Cairo, which they claim Israel will use as a distraction from Camp David renegotiations

Israeli embassy
Hundreds of Egyptian activists demolish a concrete wall built around a building housing the Israeli embassy in Cairo (Photo: AP)

In the Islamist Al-Dawa Al-Salafiya (Salafist Call) reaction statement to the protesters’ storming of the Israeli embassy in Cairo on 9 September, they slammed the attack as “not thought-out,” which will work in the favour of Israel.

The Salafist movement claims that the 9 September mobbing of the embassy “will work in favour of Israel and will transform them from perpetrators to victims and the focus will shift from our demands to amend the Camp David agreement to Israel’s calls for help to protect their embassy in Egypt.”

The movement also pointed out that the “Egyptians are united in their hate for Israel (thank God). We must fight cultural normalisation [with Israel] and we should push for the international isolation of Israel.”

The group also condemned the statement released by President Obama in which he told Egypt to “honour its international obligations to safeguard the security of the Israeli embassy,” and reminded the US president that Egypt has changed after the January 25 Revolution.

The statement also claimed that most of the calls for violence are actually from a US-backed ex-police officer, Omar Afifi, who resides in the US and uses the internet to incite divisions in Egypt.

“This is a hostile action, which the US should stop before it reprimands us for what is happening,” the statement read.

The Salafist group also urged Egypt’s ruling military council and the Egyptian foreign ministry to admit to the international fronts that what Israel did was an “action,” and the attack on the Israeli embassy in Egypt was a “reaction.”

They insist that the Israeli attack on the border are “the actions of a nation responsible for what it does,” and Egyptian reaction was a “popular response.”

The group also denounced attempts to blame and attack the entire Egyptian police force for recent violations against citizens.

Salafists in Alexandria (Egypt’s second city) also called for an immediate investigation into the security vacuum that took place the day the embassy was attacked. The group also asked the forces who called for these attacks to take the “moral and political responsibility for what [the protests] they called for.”

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