Arrest injured embassy protesters, says security expert

Ahram Online, Sunday 11 Sep 2011

General Kato calls for protester arrests and claims groups receiving foreign funding to spread chaos


An Egyptian security expert has called for the arrest and interrogation of 1094 injured protesters who participated in the mobbing of the Israeli embassy on 9 September.

General Abdel Moneim Kato said the protesters should be arrested for performing acts of thuggery and spreading chaos in the country as a result of the embassy attack.

Speaking to Moetaz El-Demerdash on the Masr El-Gedida program yesterday, General Kato described the protesters as a “confused faction” that does not know what is good for the country.

General Kato also claimed he has information from Egyptian Intelligence that some Egyptian groups are receiving funding from overseas to spread chaos in Egypt.

Protesters destroyed a concrete wall around the Israeli embassy then mobbed the building, as well as attacking the Giza police headquarters and setting fire to the Ministry of Interior building.

He also claimed remnants of the old regime and the dismantled National Democratic Party were not involved in the embassy attacks, because they lack the required coordination.

General Kato also said foreign forces including Iran and Hamas are seeking to cause destruction inside Egypt.


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