Nubians will finally go home; A 7-day sit-in pressures the government to agree to repatriate

MENA, Sunday 11 Sep 2011

Nubians ended their sit-in at the governorate offices in Aswan after meeting with Egypt's prime minister where the government finally promised to repatriate and develope the area

Nubian protesters have decided to end their week long sit-in in front of the Aswan governorate office after their representatives met with Prime Minister Essam Sharaf on Sunday and came to some agreements.

The meeting generated an agreement to establish a new project to repatriate the Nubians to the areas surrounding Lake Nasser, the south of the High Dam and the old Nubian villages and to establish a council of ministers development authority.

The Nubians have been repeatedly demanding the right to return to and own land around Lake Nasser in compensation for the loss of their land in 1960s after the construction of the Aswan High Dam. This is the fourth demonstration since the January 25 Revolution began.

The Nubians started the sit-in in front of the Aswan governorate office on 4 September, when Prime Minister Sharaf visited, to voice their anger at what they felt were empty promises made by the PM.

The protesters torched the governorate building and blocked the Corniche (the road that runs along the Nile) before beginning the sit-in.

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