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Complete media blackout over Battle of Camel trial as reporters prevented from entering Egyptian courtroom

Journalists and reporters voice disgruntlement when barred from entering court, Judge had already prevented live TV coverage

Ahram Online, Monday 12 Sep 2011

Journalists and reporters were on Monday prevented from entering the courtroom for the second session of the Battle of the Camel trial, creating a complete media blackout over the controversial prosecution.

Presiding Judge Hassan Abdullah had earlier decided to prevent live TV coverage of the trial.

The first session was aired yesterday and saw a great deal of chaos. Consequently, journalists could not attend the first session and voiced disgruntlement after failing to get into the courtroom for a second time on Monday.

It is understood that several police elements will testify in the ongoing second session.

The notorious Battle of the Camel, which took place on 2 February, stands out as one of the worst acts of organised intimidation during the 25 January Revolution.

With one group on horses and camels wielding swords and cudgels, and another throwing Molotov cocktails and sniping from higher locations, the hired thugs killed and injured hundreds of the peaceful protesters in the vicious attack in Tahrir Square.

The revolutionary youth, however, stood their ground and capitalised on their numerical advantage to chase off and even capture some of the murderous intruders.

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