Egypt court bans media, but installs screen in courtroom for the Battle of the Camel trial

Ahram Online, Monday 12 Sep 2011

Although yesterday the judge banned media from recording the premeditated conspiracy to commit murder trial of high officials in the Battle of the Camel, a large screen was installed in the courtroom to show evidence

The Cairo Criminal Court installed a large screen inside the courtroom so that the audience members can see the evidence as it is revealed in the second session of the Battle of the Camel trial. The courtroom's audience capacity is 200.

The evidence includes several CDs with footage of the Battle of the Camel incident on 2 and 3 February, where regime-paid thugs plowed through Tahrir Square on camels in an attempt to disperse the protest and end the revolution.

The first session of the trial was aired yesterday, but presiding Judge Hassan Abdullah decided to prevent further TV coverage of the trial.

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