Rights activist denies receiving foreign funding to finance revolution

Ahram Online, Wednesday 14 Sep 2011

Human rights activist Negad El-Borie denies allegations made by Battle of Camel defendant Mortada Mansour that he received illegal foreign funding

Negad El-Borie
Negad El-Borie

Negad El-Borie, an attorney at the cassation court, categorically denied allegations by fellow lawyer Mortada Mansour that he had received $2 million from US agencies in order to fund the January 25 Revolution. ‎

“I didn’t receive this sum of money and don’t have it at my disposal either,” said human ‎rights activist El-Borie in a press release.‎

Mansour, a controversial political figure and one of the prominent defendants in the Battle of the Camel trial, has been pleading not guilty.‎

He called on authorities to check El-Borie’s bank account to verify that he had received ‎money to "finance revolutionary activities."

“My bank account is public record at the Commercial International Bank of Egypt. I haven’t received such a huge sum from abroad,” stated El-Borie, who accuses ‎Mansour of slander and has officially asked the prosecutor general to take the necessary ‎legal actions against him.‎


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