Unprecedented: Copts seeking divorce "resign" Orthodox Church

Ekram Ibrahim, Thursday 15 Sep 2011

The Egyptian revolution has energised Egypt's Copts in more ways than one, standing up for their rights not just vis-a-vis the state, but also their own Church hierarchy

File photo: Photo of Copts protesting before St. Mark Cathedral. (photo: Reuters)

Today, some Copts under “The Right to Live” movement are protesting before the Ministry of Justice to announce their resignation from the Orthodox Church as it refuses to grant them the right to divorce or remarriage.

The Right to Live Movement has organized a protest on July 7, 2011 demanding their rights to divorce and remarry outside the Orthodox Church, since the church don’t grant those rights unless with specific terms.

Hundred thousands of Copts are demanding divorce and remarry but could not reach it through the church. Meanwhile, Pope Shenouda III has announced before that whoever wants to divorce or remarry could do that outside the church doors.

The Orthodox Coptic church only allows divorce in case of adultery.

The partner committing adultery is not granted a remarriage after that, only his partner is granted one.

According to the Egyptian law, both Muslims and Copts personal status law is according to each religion and there no civil law organizing personal status matters.

According to governmental statistics, Copts constitute around 10 percent of the Egyptian population.

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