National TV broke gag order in Mubarak trial according to Mubarak supporters

Ahram Online , Thursday 15 Sep 2011

'I'm sorry Mr President' Facebook page makes claim following leaks about former minister of interior, Mahmoud Wagdy

A Pro-Mubarak Facebook page, "Ana Asef Ya Rayes" (I’m sorry Mr President) has accused Egyptian National TV of breaking a gag order on the Mubarak trial by publishing leaks about former minister of interior, Mahmoud Wagdy, on its website has already removed the story, keeping only a profile of the former minister highlighting his rivalry with Habib El-Adly. The alleged leaked testimony claims there were snipers on the ministry of interior building on 30 January, 2011. 

The controversial Facebook page was accused of breaking the gag order itself when it published online what it claimed to be leaks from former vice president Omar Soliman's testimony, last Tuesday. The Facebook page defended its decision to post the news, claiming that being an unofficial Facebook page meant it is not part of the media and therefore not obliged to abide by the gag order. 

The gag order was imposed locally and internationally on the testimonies of former vice president Omar Soliman, current Minister of Interior Mansour Eissawy and former minister Mahmoud Wagdy, as well as on the upcoming testimonies of Field Marshal Hussein Tantawy and General Sami Anan. 


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