AUC strike: Students pull down American flag

Zeinab El-Gundy, Thursday 15 Sep 2011

AUC students pull American flag down at AUC and demand the resignation of university president Lisa Anderson

American University
Egypt, American University in Cairo and U.S. flags on the university's campus in New Cairo (Photo: AP)

AUC students and workers continued their strike for a fifth day despite an important development when AUC President Lisa Anderson agreed to have a meeting with the students and workers as well as alumni and a group of professors.

The meeting did not reach a productive conclusion; indeed, there was tension between Anderson and the students that ended with Anderson leaving the meeting and heading to her office. The students continued to protest, demanding Anderson step down. 

A rumour spread online that Anderson and her secretary were attacked, but all the students at AUC participating in the strike denied it on Twitter and Facebook. 

Another important development came when students pulled down the Amercian flag and reportedly chanted the national anthem along with popular revolutionary chants, like "Raise your head, you're Egyptian."

According to activist and AUC student Gigi Ibrahim on Twitter, "We have the flag and we r willing to give it back to admin if only she apologises for what she did. It is symbolic."

This is the second time in the recent history of the Amercian University in Cairo that the American flag has been pulled down. The last time was during the Palestinian Intifada when it was pulled down by journalist and activist Hossam El-Hamalawy. 

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