Evidence in Mubarak case confirms snipers shot at demonstrators from MOI building

Ahram Online, Saturday 17 Sep 2011

New evidence shows footage of snipers shooting at demonstrators and a demonstrator dying from two shots to the head

January 28
28 January 2011: Police killed and injured thousands during january uprising against Mubarak (Photo: Reuters)

Evidence presented in Cairo Criminal Court on Saturday by lawyer Amir Salem confirms that snipers shot live ammunition at demonstrators during Egypt's January 25 Revolution from the ministry of interior building.

The evidence included CDs with footage recorded during the revolution showing five men standing on top of the ministry of interior building with weapons shooting at demonstrators.

The footage also showed demonstrators pointed at by snipers, whose whereabouts were not clear, and a video showing the victim, Moataz Mohamed Ali, as he was bleeding to death from his head. The evidence also included medical reports that reveal that Ali died from two bullet shots to his head.

Ousted Egyptian president Mubarak is accused of conspiring with ex-minister of interior, El-Adly, to intentionally kill hundreds of peaceful protestors during the 25 January uprising across Egypt.

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