US Central Command chief meets with Egypt's military leaders

Ahram Online, Wednesday 21 Sep 2011

Commander-General Mattis of the US Central Command met with Egypt's military ruler, Field Marshal Tantawi to emphasise military cooperation and Egypt's important role in stabilising the Sinai

US Central Command's Commander-General James Mattis, departed Egypt yesterday after meeting with Egypt’s military heads, the US embassy stated in a press release today.

General Mattis met with Egypt’s military ruler, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, and his chief of staff Sami, Annan. He also offered his condolences to the Egyptian people for the many deaths that occurred during the past few months.

"I want to pass my condolences to the people of Egypt and its government for their recent losses of life,” said General Mattis.

During the visit, General Mattis also talked about the importance of a strong military relationship between Egypt and the US.

“The US-Egypt relationship is vitally important,” said Mattis. “I have deep respect for the Egyptian military's efforts to maintain law and order, such as in the Sinai where they have a long history of ensuring proper security.”

General Mattis, who is visiting Egypt for the fifth time since he took command of CENTCOM, also revealed that he discussed regional issues and military cooperation with his Egyptian colleagues.

“I have gained a further appreciation of the dynamic and complex nature of the domestic and international challenges Egypt faces. The Egyptian military is a professional force and I am confident it will continue to support the ongoing political process while serving as the guardian of the nation.”

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