Mubarak's last PM expected to announce his presidential candidacy on Friday

Zeinab El Gundy, Wednesday 21 Sep 2011

Former air force commander, Ahmed Shafiq who had been appointed by Mubarak during the 18-day revolt that saw him pushed out of power is expected to announce he will run for president on Friday

Former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq is expected to reveal a surprising announcement, El-Gomhouriya, a state-owned newspaper reported on Wednesday. In a lecture programmed in Egypt’s second largest city, Alexandria, Shafiq is expected announce that he will run for president.

The former prime minister was invited to give a lecture at the Yacht Club in Alexandria by a group that called itself The Union of Alexandria’s Revolutionaries.

Although Shafiq himself has not announced that he will run for president, it was somewhat expected. He had been appointed on 31 January by then president Mubarak as a concession early during Egypt’s 18-day revolt. After Mubarak was ousted on 11 February, Shafiq held onto his seat but resigned on 3 March under mounting public outcry. 

Former commander of Egyptian air forces Ahmed Shafiq had served as the minister of civil aviation from 2002 to 2011.

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