Egypt's defence minister hails country's 'powerful army'

Ahram Online , Friday 10 Jun 2016

Sedki Sobhi
Egypt's defense minister Sedki Sobhi with the army's special forces (Photo courtesy of Egypt Army spokesman page on Facebook)

Egyptian Defence Minister Sedki Sobhi said on Friday that Egypt has a powerful army that is able to protect the country and "shield the dignity of its nation".

In comments to special forces ahead of an iftar meal, Sobhi said that the armed forces are working with "the highest degree of alertness and preparedness" to enforce the sovereignty of the state and secure its borders.

The army chief said that the armed forces would continue in executing their roles to protect the nation against anyone who attempts to seize Egypt's land and sovereignty.

Sobhi also praised the special forces units, describing them one of the army's "powerful joists" and saying that they bring relief and satisfaction due to their contributions and efforts to preserve their combat readiness.

He also hailed successful operations by the special forces units in which they were able to purge "terrorist elements" during the multiple phases of the military's comprehensive operation "Martyr's Right" which aimed at tackling militancy in Sinai.

Martyr's Right was launched in September 2015 and aimed at rooting out and killing militants operating in the restive peninsula.

Egypt has been battling an Islamist insurgency in Sinai that spiked after the 2013 ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi. Militants have killed hundreds of security forces. The army has said hundreds of militants have been killed in its campaigns.


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