US and Israel warn citizens on Egypt-Israel border, fearing terrorist attacks

Ahram Online, Sunday 25 Sep 2011

Both the US and Israel are issuing warnings to their respective citizens to stay away from Egypt-Israel border, saying terrorist threat increasing

tourism Sinai
Thousands of Israeli visit Sinai monthly(Photo:Reuters)

The US embassy in Cairo issued a warning statement Sunday asking US citizens not to visit Sinai for fear of terrorist attacks. The embassy said that the chance of terrorist attacks on the Egyptian-Israeli border is increasing.

The US embassy also warned US citizens in Egypt to remain vigilant at all times and watch local and regional developments closely.

Meanwhile, Israel’s anti-terrorism office warned Israeli citizens not to visit Sinai. A banner was hung at the Eilat-Taba border warning Israelis not to enter Sinai’s resorts. Israel later closed the border completely, not allowing any Israeli citizens to cross into Sinai.

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