Google to cooperate with Egyptian government in upcoming elections

Shadia Youssef, Thursday 29 Sep 2011

'Election API' service will allow voters to access voting and candidate information from their PCs and mobile phones

Government may use Google technology for the upcoming elections' logistics. e-voting is not however foreseen. (Photo: Reuters)

The Ministry of Administrative Development on Wednesday announced the launch of an ‘Election API’ service, to facilitate the voting process in upcoming elections, in cooperation with Google and the High Commission for Elections.

The Election API will allow service providers to develop SMS services, maps, news websites applications and gadgets which voters can download to their PCs and mobile phones.

The service will make it easier for voters to access election information, such as their local polling station, whether candidates are independent or on a proportional list, what party candidates represent, the progress of elections and the final results.

Ashraf Abdel Wahab, the acting minister of administrative development, stated that the Elections API will allow voters to search databases using their national ID in partnership with Google. He added that the new electoral system will allow more than 50 million citizens to vote.

The High Commission for Elections will soon re-launch, in cooperation with Google, its website dedicated to parliamentary elections as part of this new service.

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