Army officers in torture video face military trials

Ahram Online , Thursday 29 Sep 2011

Army officers videoed torturing suspects have been referred to military trials, officials announce

Four army officers who appeared in a video posted online torturing two detainees while being interrogated in Daqahliya faced military trials today.

A military official announced that investigations so far showed that only two of the four officers took part in the torture of detainees.

After the video was widely circulated online, causing angry reactions, the head of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, Field Marshel Mohamed Hussein Tantawi gave orders that the case be transferred to the head of the military judiciary for investigation.

The video, showing the torture of detained "thugs" in a police station, caused activists to fear that Mubarak-era torture techniques are once again being widely used to extract confessions from suspects.

In the video, three prisoners are shown in a room with 12 police and army officers. Two of the detainees are then slapped and electrocuted by the officers, with one officer repeatedly electrocuting them on the ears. One of the prisoners was also humiliated by being repeatedly called "Shosho", a woman’s name.

The scene allegedly took place at El-Kurdi police station in the El-Daqahliya governorate. Some internet activists have claimed to recognise several officers in the video and confirmed they work in El-Daqahliya.

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