April 6th Youth deny connection to MOD march

Zeinab El-Gundy, Friday 30 Sep 2011

A Facebook statement by the April 6th Youth Movement, stresses the group has no connection with marchers bearing on the Ministry of Defence

The April 6th Youth Movement has released a statement on its official Facebook page, denying any connection to the march currently heading to the Ministry of Defence in Heliopolis, Cairo. The movement distanced itself from the marchers, stating that it did not call for the march and that unidentified people are using its name and reputation. The group maintains that it called for peaceful protests. 

The movement also made known that it never left the square, asserting that it would pull out by 7pm. 

A small march took off from Tahrir Square a couple of hours ago, heading toward the Defence Ministry. Most political activists have aired their concerns about the march, fearing clashes would likely result between the security forces and the protesters. Many have pointed to the military council's warning, in communiqué No. 75, against any attack on army units or buildings.

According to eye witnesses on Twitter, the military have set up security precautions – reportedly consisting of army personnel carriers – near El-Khalifa El-Mamoun Street to prevent marchers from advancing to the Ministry of Defence.

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