Activists tweet objections to march on Defence Ministry

Zeinab El-Gundy, Friday 30 Sep 2011

Activists on Twitter are expressing concern about the possible outcome of a march on the Defence Ministry, warning against a possible replay of the Abbassiya clashes

Upon learning of a small march heading from Tahrir Square to the Ministry of Defence, a large number of Egyptian activists started using their Twitter accounts to express grave concern and alarm at the possible consequences of such a march. Many warned of likely clashes between security forces and protesters. Others speculated that the march is a set up to tarnish the image of the revolutionaries. 

Gameela Ismail, a well-known political activist and TV host, posted a warning on her official Twitter account, stating: "WARNING to those heading towards the Defence Ministry: military police are deploying thugs at Mansheyet El-Bakry and Kobri Al-Qobba."

Human rights activist Hafez Abu Saeda expressed fear, via his Twitter account, of a possible replay of the Abbassiya clashes on 9 September: “The protest that suddenly headed to the Military Defence is an uncalculated escalation and I have question marks on who led it. This looks like 9 September; a group is seeking clashes which will lead to people losing their faith in the revolution. I really want this protest to end officially.”

Naged El-Borai, a human rights activist, called for someone to advise the march’s leadership that they are heading into a trap which could destroy what has been a beautiful day for other revolutionaries. 

Nile FM producer Ramy Mohsen quipped on his Twitter account that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) will shortly send a message of gratitude to the marchers: "Thank you for your cooperation in convincing the people of the importance of the emergency law." 

Twitter user #TheBigPharaoh added his two cents: "April 6 announces they are not part of march to Ministry of Defence and they're against it. SCAF uses such incidents to tarnish their image." 

Furthermore, the Twitter community have also been sharing details about the military’s preparations, including photos from the Khalifa El-Mamoun area, showing the military’s precautionary measures as well as warnings about areas thought to have thugs-in-waiting. Discussions have also been ongoing, as onlookers debate whether to blame or support the marchers. 

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