UPDATE: Muslim Brotherhood and Wafd deny dissolving their alliance

Ahram Online, Sunday 2 Oct 2011

The alliance has not been called off, stated members of the Wafd and the Freedom and Justice Party, contradicting an earlier Wafd member's statement

Members of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) as well as their counterparts in the Wafd Party have denied allegations that the Democratic Alliance has been called off.

In an earlier statement, Essam Shiha, a member of the Wafd Party’s executive committee, announced that his party had ‎officially ‎backed out of its deal with the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated FJP. Both parties are considered the principle players in the Democratic Alliance's elections coalition which now includes more than 40 political parties and groups.

“The Alliance’s parties and political movements have not ‎only met to coordinate for the [parliamentary] elections, but have also agreed on a document of ‎principles to serve the country,” read the Alliance’s collective statement.

“The alliance is still on, with an aim to contribute to the rise of a modern democratic ‎Egypt.” ‎

The statement also quoted El-Sayed El-Badawi, president of the Wafd Party, and his FJP ‎counterpart, Mohamed Morsi, saying: ‎‎“All involved parties agree on the importance of keeping the alliance during and after ‎elections.”‎ 

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