National Association for Change accuses Muslim Brotherhood of protecting their own interests ahead of Egypt's

Ahram Online, Friday 7 Oct 2011

The NAC criticises Brotherhood's latest proposal to hold presidential elections before drafting a new constitution

The National Association for Change (NAC) released a statement Friday condemning the proposal made by the Muslim Brotherhood to hold presidential elections before a new constitution is drafted. This, the statement claims, shows the Brotherhood are working for their “narrow interests” alone.

The NAC statement said that the Brotherhood stood against the demand made by "most of Egypt’s political movement" for a constitution to be drafted first, describing it as unconstitutional for that happen before parliamentary elections and accusing others of circumventing the referendum results. Now, the statement adds, the Brotherhood are calling for presidential elections to come before a constitution is drafted, contrary to the demands and wishes of most of the country's political actors.  

The NAC declared that it will be sticking to its original argument for drafting a constitution first followed by presidential elections then parliamentary ones.

Electing a president before drafting the new constitution, argue the NAC, risks the next incumbent continuing to enjoy the vast powers stated in the 1971 Constitution.

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