Free Front for Peaceful Change condemns detention of activist

Hatem Maher, Sunday 9 Oct 2011

Front demands release of activist Tarek Saeed; slams military trials of civilians

The Free Front for Peaceful Change
The Free Front for Peaceful Change

The Free Front for Peaceful Change has condemned the detention of 55-year-old activist Tarek Saeed and demanded his immediate release.

In a strongly-worded statement released on Sunday, the Front criticised the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) for trying Saeed in a military court.

Saeed was arrested on 30 September for holding banners, during a march on the Ministry of Defence, which read, "Down with the military council, down with the Field Marshal, down with Sami Annan," and were deemed defamatory by the military council.   

The military council has said more than once that it only uses military trials to clamp down on acts of thuggery, but activists accuse it of failing to live up to this promise.

“The arrest of Saeed, who is suffering from a stroke, is a clear betrayal of the revolution and martyrs. We wanted to believe them [SCAF] in the past but their actions leave us with no option but to mistrust them,” the Front said.

“The military council said in its meeting with political parties that it had halted military trials but it does otherwise.

“We were infuriated after learning that Saeed had been abducted. We wonder how SCAF claims it has stopped military trials while at the same time it chases activists and arrests them.”

“We will not permit any verdict against Saeed,” the Front added, without elaborating on the kind of action it might take.

Meanwhile pressure on activists was turned up further after a group of military officers filed a complaint to the military court against activist Asmaa Mahfouz on Saturday, accusing her of insulting SCAF.

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