'Perpetrators of Maspero violence' to face military trials

Ahram Online, Monday 10 Oct 2011

Twenty four people killed and more than a hundred injured in last night's violent attack on Maspero protesters

Egypt's military prosecution will hold the investigation into the violence that erupted yesterday outside Maspero. According to Minister of Justice Mohamed El-Guindy, all perpetrators will face military, not civilian, trials.

This announcement comes only two days after Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi vowed that no more civilians would face military trials. However, El-Guindy says that the perpetrators involved in yesterday’s clashes attacked members of the armed forces with firearms and as such merit being tried by a military court.

Yesterday's clashes erupted after a peaceful Coptic march through Shubra, condemning the persecution of Egypt's Christians, was attacked with rocks and gun fire. The violence escalated when the demonstrators reached the state broadcasting building where security forces ran protesters over with armoured vehicles and used tear gas and live rounds on the crowd.

The intervention of civilians, many incited by state television, swelled the scenes of anger and bloodshed.

The latest deathtoll from the night's violence is 24.

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