Prime Minister Sharaf states to the Egyptian people: The attacks are a conspiracy

Ahram Online , Monday 10 Oct 2011

After the attacks on a peaceful Coptic march in Cairo Sunday night, Prime Minister Sharaf met with Egypt's ruling military and then addressed the nation to say the attacks are a conspiracy

Late last night (Sunday) Prime Minister Essam Sharaf addressed the Egyptian people on air following the clashes that took place in Cairo and resulted in the death of not less than 24 and the injury of not less than 212, mostly civilians.

Prime Minister Sharaf spoke very briefly from the Egyptian state TV building and one of the sites of the attacks, Maspero, after his urgent meeting with Field Marshal Tantawi and the Cabinet to discuss the events.

"Egypt is in danger" the prime minister stated, straightforward.

"The past hours were painful for any Egyptian to experience the spilling of civilian and military troops' blood," he continued.

Sectarian division as well as the attempts to turn the people against the army, he stated, are the most dangerous thing that threatens Egypt and described the attacks as a "conspiracy against the nation."

The prime minister called on the Egyptian people to be careful of rumours.

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