Protesters demand release of 6th April Movement blogger

Nourhan El Abassy, Tuesday 21 Dec 2010

Activists are staging a sit-in before Supreme Court to demand the release of young activist

6th of April Demonstration
protesters held banner saying freedom to Mohamed Shawky

Around 30 political activists are holding an open sit-in starting today in front of the Supreme Court to pressure the Egyptian government to free the 6th of April movement activist Mohamed Shawky.

Shawky was arrested during the 2nd round of Egypt's parliamentary elections on December 5. He was accused of causing trouble, resisting authorities and destroying public property.

“We are here to stand against the rigged electoral results and the fabricated cases against political activists like Shawky,” Mohamed Shoukry, media director for movement told Al-Ahram Online.

Shawky, a 26-year-old computer engineer, blogger, and member of the movement, was videotaping what he said were violations that took place during the elections earlier this month. He was arrested and taken in a police van where he was allegedly beaten. He has been detained in a police jail since. 

Members of political groups say that police refused to allow Shawky’s lawyer to defend him during investigations, which comes as a clear violation to the law. Moreover, 6th of April activists raised his case to the General Attorney who promised to free the activist.

“We are here not only for Shawky but against corruption at large, it’s time to put an end to such hassle” Kamal Khalil, member of the people’s democratic movement (HASHD) said.        

Activists raised flags and banners asking President Mubarak to resign, dismiss the current parliament, and free all those in jail.

Protesters have said they will continue their protest until Shoukry is freed.


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