March from Al-Azhar denounces Maspero clashes

Sarah Raslan, Friday 14 Oct 2011

A march from Al-Azhar Mosque to the Abbassiya Cathedral to take place following Friday prayers today

Activists plan on denouncing the violence and force used to break up last Sunday's peaceful Coptic march with a demonstration today following Friday prayer.

Protesters are to march from Al-Azhar Mosque, located in central Cairo, to Abbassiya Cathedral, where the funerals for Sunday's victims were held.

Activists said they do not know what to expect from today's march and only hope it remains peaceful.

Sunday's Maspero clashes, which is now referred to as the 'Egyptian Bloody Sunday', began as a peaceful protest with thousands of Egyptian Copts and Muslims marching on Maspero, the state TV building located near Tahrir Square, to call for equality for Egypt's Coptic Christians. The demonstration turned violent and bloody after it was attacked by the military, leaving 26 protesters dead, 329 injured and a whole country in a state of shock and confusion. 

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