Egypt parliament speaker to decide ‎on MP Mansour Jr's fate after father disrupts meeting

Gamal Essam El-Din , Wednesday 24 Aug 2016

Parliament's legislative and constitutional ‎affairs committee was not able to reach ‎decision on an election appeal against MP ‎Ahmed Mansour after Mansour's father and a leading ‎member exchanged insults

Amr El-Shobaki and Ahmed Mortada Mansour (Photo: Al-Ahram)

Egypt parliament speaker Ali Abdel-Al is ‎expected to issue a decision on an ‎election appeal against Ahmed Mortada ‎Mansour, an MP affiliated with the liberal ‎Free Egyptians Party, after his father, also an MP, disrupted a session that was due to decide his son's fate.

The appeal, filed by Mansour's rival in ‎the parliamentary elections in Giza's district of ‎Dokki, Amr Elchoubaki, was accepted by ‎the Court of Cassation that is solely ‎authorised by the constitution to give a final ‎say on appeals related to results of ‎parliamentary elections.

The court said Elchoubaki got more votes than Mansour and ‎as a result, and in line with Article 107 of the ‎Egyptian Constitution, he should be declared the ‎winner of the Dokki seat.‎

In its meeting Tuesday night to discuss ‎the ruling and vote on it to be ‎debated in a plenary session, the legislative and constitutional ‎affairs committee‎ failed to reach a decision. Its ‎chairman, lawyer Bahaaeddin Abu Shoka, ‎said he decided not to look into the issue ‎after two of the committee's leading ‎members – lawyers Mortada Mansour and ‎Alaa Abdel-Moneim mounted verbal ‎clashes against each other and even ‎exchanged insults.

"I will remain chairman ‎of the committee, but I will not look into this ‎issue because of verbal clashes that ‎swamped the meeting (on Tuesday night)," ‎said Abu Shoka, adding that, "I took this ‎decision in order to save the meeting from ‎further escalation."‎

The committee's deputy chairman Ahmed ‎Helmi Al-Sherif told reporters Wednesday ‎that it will be up to the parliament speaker to ‎decide who will be responsible for heading ‎the committee's meeting on Elchoubaki's ‎appeal. He also disclosed that the ‎committee's members submitted a memo ‎to speaker Abdel-Al, complaining of ‎lawyer Mortada Mansour's unruly behaviour that led to the disruption of the ‎committee meeting. ‎

Before it began its meeting Tuesday ‎night, committee members were ‎surprised that their colleague Mortada ‎Mansour, a flamboyant lawyer and chairman of Zamalek Sporting Club, ‎tried to disrupt the debate.

‎Mansour attacked MP Alaa Abdel-Moneim, ‎a lawyer and a leading official of the "Support Egypt" ‎parliamentary bloc, when he urged committee ‎members to vote in favour of the Cassation ‎Court's ruling that Elchoubaki should be ‎declared the winner of the Dokki seat.

"The ‎ruling of the court is very clear, final and ‎binding to parliament and all members ‎should vote in favour of invalidating the ‎membership of Ahmed Mortada Mansour ‎and decide that Elchoubaki is the elected ‎MP of Dokki," said Abdel-Moneim.‎

MPs Abdel-Moneim and Ahmed Al-‎Sharkawi asked Mansour to leave the ‎meeting room on the grounds that he is ‎not one of its 32 members. "You do ‎not have the right to be here and you have ‎to go out," said Al-Sharkawi.‎

Mansour responded by ‎accusing members of the committee of ‎taking money from Elchoubaki to vote in ‎favour of the court ruling. Mansour claimed ‎that some of the documents submitted to ‎the Court of Cassation were doctored by Elchoubaki. Mansour added that there are two court ‎rulings on the result of the Dokki district vote.

"The first came in favour of my son ‎Ahmed, and the second – which came in ‎favour of Elchoubaki – was based on rigged ‎documents," said Mansour.‎

Mansour and Al-Sharkawi were about to ‎exchange fists after Mansour told ‎Al-Sharkawi "to keep silent." "You are a ‎low-profile lawyer and I will not respond to ‎you because it will be a big honour which ‎you do not deserve," said Mansour.‎

In reaction to these verbal clashes, the ‎committee's head, Abu Shoka, said he was ‎no longer able to look into the issue and ‎that he would rather leave it up to the ‎speaker to decide.‎

‎Members of the committee told reporters ‎that Abu Shoka left the meeting without ‎allowing a final vote on the appeal because ‎he was intimidated by Mansour. "It is ‎sorrowful that Abu Shoqa was intimidated ‎by Mansour," said Al-Sharqawi.‎

Abdel-Moneim told reporters that the ‎committee's members expect that speaker ‎Abdel-Aal will choose one of the ‎committee's two deputies – Nabil Al-‎Gammal or Ahmed Al-Sherif – to head the ‎committee meeting on Elchoubaki's ‎appeal, or that the speaker himself will do it.‎

Ahmed Mansour was announced in January as the ‎elected deputy for Dokki district.

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