Website fingers former regime figures

Sherif Tarek , Monday 17 Oct 2011

New website names and shames ex-Mubarak regime officials in attempt to prevent them from re-entering politics through upcoming parliamentary polls

A new website has recently appeared online listing former members of ousted president Hosni Mubarak’s now-defunct National Democratic Party (NDP). Dubbed ‘Emsek Feloul,’ or ‘Catch the remnants [of the former regime],’ the site is designed to allow users to identify the Mubarak loyalists hoping to run in next month's parliamentary polls.

The site is managed by a handful of post-revolution political forces, including the Revolutionary Youth Coalition, the Popular Council for the Revolution, Youth for Justice and Freedom and the April 6 Youth Movement.

The site’s homepage refers to former NDP members as "those who corrupted the nation, wasted the energy and wealth of the people, and destroyed the country’s youth before rigging elections...”

"We have decided to fight them in a peaceful way by thwarting their attempts to derail the uprising,” the site goes on to state. “We will not let them fool the people again."

The site classifies alleged former Mubarak regime officials and parliamentarians according to geographic location, providing additional information on each. In many cases, the officials’ addresses – even photos – are provided.

The site is part of a wider campaign aimed at preventing Mubarak-era holdovers from re-entering Egyptian political life via parliamentary polls slated for November.

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