6 April Movement activist to stand military trial today

Ahram Online, Sarah Raslan, Thursday 20 Oct 2011

An activist from the 6 April Movement is set to stand trial before a military court after being arrested earlier this week for painting graffiti in Nasr City

The 6 April Movement led by Ahmed Maher announced that one of its activists was arrested Tuesday, 18 October for painting graffiti. 

The activist, Ali Mohamed Ibrahim El-Halaby, was painting the group's "Black and white circles" logo, from a campaign the group adopted weeks ago, in Cairo's Nasr City.
The movement's "Black and white circles" campaign is an effort to raise public awareness about remnants of the former regime who are continuing to play a role in political life. Any parliamentary candidate linked to the ousted Mubarak regime is placed in a "black circles" while those who are viewed favourably by the movement are placed in "white circles". 
The movement announced its campaign at a press conference several weeks ago, when they also announced they would not be participating in elections and will merely monitor proceedings and serve as whistleblowers in an attempt to prevent old regime members from being elected. 
El-Halaby is set to stand trial before a military court today, which the group said violates the citizen freedoms and goes against the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces' post-Maspero promise of no military trials for civilians.
The movement's spokesperson, Mahmoud Afifi, criticised the ruling military junta for not adhering to the demands of the January 25 Revolution. 
The popular, "We are all Khaled Said" Facebook group denounced El-Halaby's arrest, saying the activist was exposing remnants of the ousted regime.
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