Thousands of Salafists in Kafr El-Sheikh support Sheikh Al-Huwayni on trial

Ahram Online, Saturday 22 Oct 2011

Thousands of Salafists congregated in Kafr El-Sheikh where Egyptian Salafi cleric, Abu Ishaaq Al-Huwayni, was tried, charged with insulting the Egyptian grand mufti

Thousands of Salafists traveled to Kafr El-Sheikh to support Al Huwayni

Thousands of Salafists congregated in Kafr El-Sheikh, in the East Delta, where Egyptian Salafi cleric Abu Ishaaq Al-Huwayni was tried today.

Al-Huwayni, renowned for his controversial statements, is accused of insulting Egypt’s grand mufti, Ali Gomaa, while being hosted on a satellite TV channel.

Judge Ahmed Mandour adjourned the trial indefinitely by the end of the session.

Al-Huweyni's cohorts rallied in front of Kafr El-Sheikh courthouse in support with banners and placards. They also chanted against Gomaa, describing him as “the mufti of [overthrown president Hosni] Mubarak”.

The Salafi gathering at the Kafr El-Sheikh courthouse blocked the surrounding streets, prompting traffic problems.

Gomaa filed a lawsuit against Al-Huwayni for what he labeled as blunt insults against him as a religious scholar. He demanded LE10,000 compensation from Al-Huwayni.

On micro blogging site Twitter, @SalafyNetwork announced that Salafists will stage a sit-in before the headquarters of Dar Al-Ifta (the House of Fatwas) until Gomaa is relieved of his duties.

Another @SalafyNetwork tweet reads: “We are not here just to defend Abu Ishaaq, but also to defend the Sunnah (Islamic doctrine) and Islam.”

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