Egyptian TV presenter Amr Ellissy banned from travel

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Thursday 24 Nov 2016

The renowned TV presenter, who was on his way to Dubai with his family, says he has failed to learn the reason behind the decision

Amr El-Leithy
Snapshot: Amr El-Leissy (Photo: Youtube)

Egyptian authorities prevented TV presenter Amr Ellissy from traveling on Thursday morning to the United Arab Emirates, informing him that his name has been placed on a travel ban.

Authorities at Cairo International Airport, however, allowed Ellissy's family, who were accompanying him on a trip for Dubai to travel.

Later in the day, Ellissy said on his Facebook page that he has asked the public prosecutor's office to provide him with a reason for the travel ban, but failed to receive an answer, adding that he would immediately appeal the decision.

Amr Ellissy is the host of the "One of the People" show on the privately-owned AL-Hayat satellite TV channel, which has recently provoked widespread controversy.

In an episode last month, Ellissy conducted a man-on-the-street interview with a Tuk Tuk driver who spoke angrily about the economic and political situation in Egypt, slamming successive administrations for nearly four minutes.

The driver criticized government expenditure on national mega-projects and celebrations that exceeds spending on education.

After the episode aired, the interview went viral on social media platforms, triggering a public debate.

Ellissy was widely criticized by viewers and social media users who claimed that the interview was staged. Ellissy and his producer Mohamed El-Komy insisted the interview was completely authentic.

Hours after posting a video clip of the interview — which garnered six million views in less than a day — on its official Facebook page, the network removed it.

The programme has not aired since the incident.

The channel has attributed the hiatus to the TV presenter taking annual vacation, saying it nothing to do with the Tuk Tuk driver incident.

Earlier this month, Ellissy said on his twitter account that his contract with El-Hayat channel is still effective and the that show will be resumed after his annual vacation.

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