Egypt court cancels designation of 8 defendants as terrorists

Ahram Online , Sunday 27 Nov 2016

The appeal comes amid the ongoing trial of the defendants in the so-called "Helwan Brigades" case

Egypt's Court of Cassation accepted Sunday the appeal of eight defendants against a previous court order designating them as members of a terrorist organisation in the trial known in the media as "Helwan Brigades."

In August 2014 , the name "Helwan Brigades" appeared when a video published and circulated on social media showed a group of men vowing to target all police facilities in Helwan, a southern suburb of Cairo.

A Cairo criminal court had previously approved the request of the prosecution to designate 215 defendants, including the eight defendants in the trial as well as the Muslim Brotherhood group, as terrorists.

The prosecution accused the 215 defendants of founding an illegal group that called for the obstruction of constitution and laws as well as attacking personal freedoms and public rights, among other charges.

The criminal court adjourned the trial to 2 January.

The government designated the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation in November 2013.

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