Rains to continue showering Egypt on Friday: Meteorological authority

Ahram Online , Thursday 1 Dec 2016

Rains have disrupted traffic in several governorates across the country since early Thursday

A file photo of rain in Cairo in 2013 (Photo:Reuters)

Egypt's Meteorological authority forecasted continued rains across the country on Friday, with several governorates witnessing ongoing rain since early Thursday morning.

According to the authority, the North Coast, Nile Delta, Cairo, Sinai and Halayab will see more rain on Friday. Sea Navigation will also be disrupted due to unstable weather conditions in the Mediterranean.

Friday temperatures in Cairo are expected to range from a high of 19 degrees Celsius with a relatively cold low of 12 degrees ºC.

Alexandria will see a high of 19 ºC and a low of 14 ºC.

Rains have disrupted traffic since early Thursday in several areas in Cairo and Giza and other governorates.

Several road accidents were reported on highways due to bad weather conditions.

A truck carrying fuel flipped over early Thursday on Mostorod Bridge before colliding with other 8 cars in its path. Not less than 3 people were injured after a fire erupted in the truck. Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire.

Nasser Fouad Amin, the spokesperson of the Suez Canal zone economic authority, said that Ain El-Sokhna port in Suez governorate was closed Thursday morning due to bad weather conditions and high wind speeds.

The cities and villages of Kafr El-Sheikh governorate have witnessed rains since early Thursday, especially in northern coastal areas. The rains have caused power outages in many villages, according to Al-Ahram Arabic website.

Bad weather conditions have led fishermen in the governorate to suspend their work in both the Mediterranean Sea and Burullus Lake over safety concerns.  

The Western Desert's Siwa Oasis has reportedly witnessed light rains for the first time in three decades.

Earlier this week, Egypt's Meteorological authority warned that a wave of unstable weather conditions including rain would hit the country on Tuesday and would peak on Thursday and Friday. 

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