April 6 Movement co-founder Mohamed Adel is released on 3-year probation

Hadeer El-Mahdawy , Sunday 22 Jan 2017

Mohmed Adel
Mohmed Adel (Photo by: ahram)

6 April  Movement co-founder Mohamed Adel has been released Sunday from Aga police station in Mansoura city, after finishing Saturday a three and a half year prison sentence on charges of violating Egypt's protest law, his lawyer Sayed El-Banna confirmed to Ahram Online.

Adel will remain on probation for three years, and will have to report to Aga police station on a daily basis for 12 hours, from 6 pm to 6 am.

Adel will be facing the same probationary terms mandated on Ahmed Maher, the co-founder of 6 April, who was released from jail two weeks ago after finishing his sentence in the same trial.

"We wish to remove this unjust and maximum probation for Adel and Maher; Adel has to sit for exams towards his diploma in Cairo, he will not be able to do so, he already spent three years in prison, and with those everyday 12 hours in the police station he will stay half imprisoned, he will not be able to work or to lead a normal life," Said El-Banna.

In December 2013, an Egyptian misdemeanour court sentenced Adel and Maher along with long-time activist Ahmed Douma – who were at the forefront of Egypt's January 2011 uprising that toppled autocrat Hosni Mubarak – to three years in jail and fines of EGP 50,000 each on charges that included breaking the controversial protest law.

In March 2016, a Maadi court upheld a six-month prison sentence for Douma and Adel for assaulting police officers assigned to a court in the district in 2013, while they were on trial in another case.

Adel finished his six months sentence on this conviction.

Douma, however, is serving a life sentence in another case, where he has been sentenced to 25 years in prison and fined EGP 17 million for involvement in the December 2011 cabinet clashes. He is awaiting an appeal trial in April. 

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