El-Awa demands release of detained blogger Alaa Abd El-Fattah

Ahram Online , Tuesday 1 Nov 2011

Prominent Islamist calls on military rulers to free Alaa Abd elFattah and end military trials of civilians


Potential presidential candidate Mohamed Selim El-Awa has joined the chorus demanding Egyptian blogger Alaa Abdel Fattah be released from military detention.

El-Awa asked Egypt’s military ruler Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi to order the release of Abdel Fattah and asked human rights groups to stand by the detained blogger and try to transfer his case to a civil court. El-Awa also condemned the military council’s continuous use of military courts to try civilians.

Last Sunday the notorious C28 military prosecution sentenced Abdel Fattah to 15 days in jail pending investigation on charges of incitement to violence at the 9 October Maspero clashes between mostly Coptic Christian protesters and military police.

Abdel Fattah's detention caused a public outcry with revolutionaries staging a march on Monday to demand his release.


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