Egypt's prime minister: No need to postpone elections

Ahram Online , Friday 4 Nov 2011

PM Essam Sharaf says elections in Egypt are to run as scheduled, despite the political contention around the legitimacy and regulations that govern the elections

Prime minister Essam Sharaf
Prime minister Essam Sharaf says highly-debated elections is proof of importance. (Photo:Others)

Egypt's Prime Minister Essam Sharaf stated in a small press conference Thursday night that there was no reason to postpone the next parliamentary elections, which he described as extremely important in Egypt’s history.

He stated it is natural that citizens are worried over the possibility of postponing the elections due to the lack of security in Egypt or because of disagreement between political powers.

Keeping in mind the public mistrust of the police and military - whom have turned a blind eye when intimidation tactics were employed by ex-regime members during past elections - the prime minister emphasised that the police force and military are capable of securing the elections.

Furthermore, Sharaf assured, the disfranchisement law that revolutionaries are desperate to enact to ban ex-regime members from participating in political life in Egypt will be issued before the parliamentary elections. He added that he trusted in the people’s choice in the parliamentary elections.

The prime minister also reiterated that the cabinet will implement the court ruling to allow Egyptians abroad to vote. In fact, Sharaf announced that the government established a committee charged with creating laws and procedures to empower Egyptians abroad to participate in the elections.

Elections will be run over three rounds, the first of which is set to start on 28 November.

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