Old regime candidates’ banners torn down and burnt in Mansoura

Ahram Online, Sunday 6 Nov 2011

Following Sunday morning's Eid Al-Adha prayer service, Mansoura youth took to the streets, destroying all political banners and campaign signs belonging to former regime figures

A group of young men in the delta city of Mansoura tore down and burned banners and placards of old regime figures running for Egypt’s upcoming parliamentary elections following Sunday morning’s Eid Al-Adha prayers.  

“We will sacrifice our lives to prevent them from getting back [on the political scene],” one of the unnamed young men told Ahram Online. 

Political figures from ousted president Hosni Mubarak’s regime are seeking to win seats in the new Parliament. Though the former ruling party, the National Democratic Party (NDP) was officially dissolved, the ruling military council never passed a disfranchisement law.

Consequently, NDP members, refusing to be politically exiled, have established a host of new political parties ahead of Egypt’s upcoming elections, such as Nahdet Masr (Egypt’s Renaissance), El-Mowaten El-Masri (The Egyptian Citizen) and Misr El-Hadisa (Modern Egypt).

Some revolutionary forces, including the April 6 Youth Movement, have been trying to blow the whistle on NDP candidates and ensure that the public knows who they are. As part of their awareness campaign, the youth movement published a list of ex-NDP members in an effort to enlighten voters and ostracise ex-regime remnants from the political landscape.

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