Israel's anti-terrorism directorate warns of imminent IS attacks on Israelis in Egypt's Sinai

Mahmoud Aziz , Monday 27 Mar 2017

Egyptian-Israeli borders
An Egyptian border guard stands near an Israeli border outpost in Sinai (Photo: AFP)
Israel's anti-terrorism directorate called on nationals Monday to "immediately leave" Egypt's Sinai Peninsula in light of the imminent threat of Islamic State attacks. It affirmed, however, that Israel would not close the Taba border crossing with Egypt without organising with Cairo. 
In a statement, the directorate said it had new information suggesting a heightened threat of attacks by the Islamic State group against Israeli citizens in the upcoming period.
The directorate issued similar warnings of attacks on Israelis in Turkey, Russia, Belgium, France, Germany and India, on the occasion of the upcoming Jewish holidays.
It said that Israel is not the center of these threats, but called on all Israeli citizens in Sinai to return and advised those planning to travel to Sinai not to do so.
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