Egypt's Judges Club calls for meeting with Sisi to discuss controversial judiciary law

Mahmoud Aziz , Wednesday 29 Mar 2017

Egypt's Supreme Council of Judiciary (Photo: AFP)

Egypt's Judges Club has called for a meeting with President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi to discuss the amendments to the judicial authority law approved on Monday by parliament's constitutional and legislative affairs committee.

In an emergency meeting on Wednesday, the Judges Club, which represents judges across the country, said it has authorised its head to ask the presidency to act as a mediator to prevent a crisis between the judicial and legislative branches.

The judges renewed during the meeting their objection to the bill, which critics say undermines the independence of the judiciary.

The club stressed, however, that any further steps on its part to challenge the bill "would not threaten the country's stability."

On Monday, parliament's constitutional and legislative affairs committee voted in favour of the draft law, which gives the president the right to appoint the heads of four of the country's top judicial councils. 

The draft law, presented in December 2016, mandates that the president of the republic is to pick from three candidates nominated by each judicial council.

The judicial councils mentioned in the law are the State Lawsuits Authority, the administrative prosecution, the Court of Cassation and the State Council.

Most of the country's judicial councils say the law completely ignores seniority among judges, on the basis of which the heads of judicial councils are currently appointed.

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