Canadian tourist dies after being accidentally shot in Qena, Egypt

Qena - Mahmoud Al-Dessouki , Saturday 12 Nov 2011

A Canadian teacher died Friday after being caught in a family feud in the Upper Egypt governorate of Qena

Jeff François, 23, a teacher who lived in Cairo and was an employee of the Institute of Canada, died on Friday, two days after being accidently shot in the chest  by members of Al-Arab tribe in the governorate of Qena Wednesday. He was  on his way to visit an ancient Egyptian temple in Sohag in Upper Egypt.

The Al-Arab tribe in Al-Samata village has been at war with the neighbouring Al-Ashraf tribe from Al-Showaykhat village for almost a week, after the former kidnapped two members of Al Ashraf. Al-Ashraf then retaliated by kidnapping two members of Al-Arab, which led furious members of Al-Arab to create a checkpoint on the Cairo-Aswan western highway. The militia forced all cars to stop, checked their ID cards, and immediately detained any members from Al Ashraf tribe. They continued this process until they detained eight.

It was on that same road that Francois’ car was passing. He was in a cab on his way from Luxor, heading to the Abydos temple in Sohag. At Al-Arab's checkpoint, they waived for the driver to stop, but when he refused they opened fire on the car, injuring Francois in the chest.

The young Canadian was transferred to the Luxor International Hospital where doctors tried to save his life by performing a six-hour surgery, where parts of his intestine and pancreas were removed. However, he died shortly after the surgery.

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