International press executives to discuss future of Egyptian media in Al-Ahram headquarters

Ahram Online, Saturday 12 Nov 2011

Editorial independence, best practices and reform are the topic of the day in Sunday's conference, which will be attended by the editors in chief of the very top UK, French, Swedish and German papers

Media stars will gather this Sunday in the Cairo headquarters of Al-Ahram daily newspaper to attend an international seminar on the future of Egyptian media.

The Media in Transition in Egypt conference will take place in the Mohamed Hassanein Heikal hall in Al-Ahram headquarters and is organised by UNESCO Cairo Office (UCO), the UNIC Cairo Office and Al Ahram Press Foundation, with the support of the Swedish and German embassies.

The seminar will focus on several issues that are of concern within Egyptian media, including editorial independence, best newspaper management practices and how to reform Egypt's mass media sector.

The seminar will be attended by four international prominent journalists including Katherine Viner, Deputy Editor in Chief of the Guardian (UK), Alain Gresh, Deputy Editor in Chief of Le Monde Diplomatique (France), Christina Juterstroom, Former Editor in Chief of Dagens Neyheter, (Sweden) and Mrs Maritta Adam-Tkalec, Deputy Editor in Chief of Berliner Zeitung (Germany).

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